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NIRK Show Information

The German-Style Conformation Show: Our Rottweiler Sieger shows are German-style conformation shows. This means that Rottweilers are exhibited in their natural state. No hand-stacking (as often seen in the AKC ring) is allowed. Dogs are baited with toys from outside of the ring by a second handler. We are looking for the dog to exhibit their prey drive and to have a confident temperament within the ring. Critiques are given via microphone so that all spectators can hear the judge's evaluation. After every dog in the class has been critiqued, the dogs will run so that the judge can evaluate their movement and physical fitness. Handlers can be changed as often as needed. Every dog will receive a rating and the judge will rank the dog based on these criteria.

Judging Restrictions:  All judges must be approved by the Executive Board.

We offer yearly State Championship shows, shows by region, and one Grand National show. Starting in 2010, the NIRK EB will hold the NIRK North American Sieger Show and will hold this show yearly.

*Please note* Dogs over 30 months old without a valid hip rating will be listed in the catalog as having “No valid hip rating provided”.

NIRK Show Classes

PUPPY CLASSES: 3-6 months male/female, 6-9 months male/female, 9-12 months male/female

YOUTH CLASSES: 12-18 months male/female, 12-18 months male/female Bred by Exhibitor, 18-24 months male/female, 18-24 months male/female Bred by Exhibitor


OPEN MALE/FEMALE:  For all Rottweilers 24 months and older without a Schutzhund or IPO title, a Championship or Sieger/Siegerin title.

BRED BY EXHIBITOR:  For all Rottweilers 24 months and older that are exhibited by their owner and breeder.

WORKING MALE/FEMALE:  For all Rottweilers 24 months and older with a SchH/VPG/IPO title who have not earned a Sieger/Siegerin title.  Must present copies of scorebook with entry and have original scorebook for verification on
the day of the show.

SIEGER/SIEGERIN CLASS:  For all Rottweilers 24 months and older that have earned a Sieger or Siegerin title from a NIRK, ARV, USRC, AIRK, ARC, or other Independent club show.  Must present copies of supporting documents with
entry and have original documents on the day of the show. 

CHAMPION MALE/FEMALE:  For all Rottweilers 24 months and older that have attained their NIRK*, AKC, CKC, FCI or IFR Championship title.

VETERAN MALE/FEMALE:  For all Rottweilers 7 years or older on the day of the show.


STUD DOG/BROOD BITCH:  A sire or dam with minimum three and maximum five of his/her progeny (first generation,
sons/daughters).  Progeny need not be entered in the show.

BREEDER'S GROUP:  Minimum three and maximum five exhibits bred by the same person (same kennel name) even if
they are not his/her property.  Dogs must have been entered and critiqued in the show in the appropriate classes.

NIRK SIEGER AND SIEGERIN AWARDS: Winners from the Open, Bred By Exhibitor, Working, Champion, Sieger(in), and Veteran classes will compete for the show Sieger and Siegerin awards.

NIRK Class Ratings Puppy: 3-6, 6-9, 9-12: VP (Very Promising), P (Promising), S (Satisfactory), NP (Not Promising) Youth: 12-18, 18-24 - Adult: All dogs over 24 months: V (Vorzuglich (Excellent)), SG (Sehr Gut (Very Good)), G (Gut (Good)), S (Genugent (Satisfactory)), U (Ungenugent (Unsatisfactory))  

Additional Show Information

Copies of supporting documents for Working, Champion, and Sieger/in classes must always accompany entries and originals must be available at the show for inspection.

Dogs are shown in natural stance; no hand stacking allowed.  Double handling is permitted.

Dogs are baited from outside of the ring.  No food is allowed in the ring or for baiting purposes.

Adult classes will be moved (run) long enough to assess the dog's movement and fitness. Please dress accordingly.

No handlers, owners, runners, or spectators may interfere with the judge or hinder their ability to evaluate the dogs being presented.

The decision of the judge is final.

It is always a good idea to carry proof of rabies with you to show grounds.

Please never bring sick dogs to a show site.  Any dog that is ill will be excused from the site.

Please clean up after your dog.

NIRK Championship Points

A NIRK Championship point is given to the V1 dog/bitch in each adult class.  To become NIRK Champion you must earn 5 V1 ratings under 3 different judges.  NIRK Champions and point holders will be listed on the NIRK website.  NIRK Champions will receive a Championship certificate.

A NIRK Junior Championship point is given to the first place dog/bitch in each youth class (12-18 months, 18-24 months).  To become NIRK Junior Champion you must earn 3 first place ratings (V or SG) under 2 different judges.  NIRK Junior Champions and point holders will be listed on the NIRK website.  Junior Championship points are not transferrable to adult point statuses.  NIRK Junior Champions will receive a Championship certificate.

*Although this is a new program, NIRK Championship Points will be awarded to dogs from previous NIRK events!

If you have any questions regarding the NIRK Championship Points system, please email

NIRK Dentition Policy

Dogs with missing teeth who had complete dentition may bring proof via BST, ZTP, BBT, or three critiques from other shows under three different judges showing proof of complete dentition.  Include proof with entry and have originals available at the show for inspection.  If this criteria cannot be met, dogs without complete dentition may not be shown. If you have any questions regarding the NIRK Dentition Policy, please email